Project Makeover: Beginner’s Guide And Tips & Tricks

Project Makeover: Beginner’s Guide And Tips & Tricks

Project Makeover is a classic puzzle game where you have to do get clients and do their makeover. It’s available for free on Android, iOS devices! Play matching games while earning points that can be used in the store menu just like clothes furniture etcetera – all of which are updated with new looks every week by players like yourself who want it done right away (or at least before Monday)!

Project Makeover is a game for beginners and experts alike. Here, we’ll cover all the tips you need to know about how quickly it’s possible to level up in this fun Facebook app!

A few things before getting started: -You can’t go too far without earning credits- so make sure not only do your projects count but also any materials used like paint or glue stick (useful if someone hands them over).

You might want to use apps that give discounts on supplies such as Groupon which usually has some good offers each day; there are even specific days where certain stores offer their best prices online alone.

Project Makeover Beginner’s Guide

Project Makeover
Project Makeover

Unlock New Categories And Areas

Play Project Makeover and unlock all the new categories to attract more clients. There are so many areas in this game you should upgrade, like clothing or makeup! Collect points by playing matches- it won’t take long before your point count reaches 500 pounds (or 1kg). Use them on upgrading everything from skin color to furniture type for an instant makeover of any room size.

Get As Many Amplifiers As You Can

It’s not just about gathering 4 or more of the same thing, it is important to group similar items together. Grouping amplifiers with your other high-power boosters will help you clear out enemy fields faster and get maximum points for yourself!

Collect Daily Bonus

There are many events in Project Makeover that give you gems and coins daily as a bonus for participating. The best way to get these gifts, however, is by completing events! You can earn unlimited amounts of them without paying real-world money with this strategy so don’t miss out on the free bonuses available only through gaming – just make sure your account status is approved before getting started!

Get Maximum Lives

The game is made so that you don’t have to worry about running out of life. If, for some reason your account runs low on lives and 20 minutes have passed since the last life was given/purchased in-game then make sure someone sends them over.

Collect All The Diamonds

Log in to the game every day and get free diamonds or link your Project Makeover account with Facebook so that you can buy lives, upgrades for houses among other things. This way it will be easier than ever before!

The end of our Project Makeover beginner’s guide! Check out another Beginners’ tutorial on Clusterduck to breed the best rare and exotic ducks in-game.

Clusterduck: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide And Tips & Tricks

Clusterduck Ultimate Beginner’s Guide And Tips & Tricks

So, you’re looking for a new mind-stimulating game to play? Clusterduck may be the right app. This scientific strategy title based on genetics consists of breeding ducks and collecting their genes in order to make an optimal combination that will produce offspring with even higher stats! As it’s not always easy getting rare breeds or ones from legendary lines but don’t worry because our beginner guide has everything there’ll ever need – including strategies about how best to collect each type as well as some tips when starting out.

Clusterduck Beginner’s Guide

Follow these tips and tricks to improve your gameplay, breed the best ducks in Clusterduck.

Watch Ads To Hatch Eggs Faster

In Clusterduck, there are three ducks that will hatch and produce more. Different types of rare eggs take time to incubate as compared with common ones – but if you want one for yourself then it’s possible! Watch an ad in order to get your hands on this elusive breedable birdie-bait combo known only by its adorable cry: “quack quack!”

Dump the Unwanted Ducks

The best way to get rare ducks and maximize your points is by dumping unwanted common ones. Make sure you maintain the required count in Clusterduck, so dump those that aren’t worth keeping for now or sell them off if necessary!

The Clusterduck is a specialized container for housing ducks. This one-of-a-kind product came with instructions on how to care and take good care of your newest addition, but we think you might want some help! With room for 25 birds at once, this may seem like an easy feat; unfortunately, not all are created equally in terms of quality or rarity (or both!). If I were going after those highly sought-after exotic breeds then keeping my desired number would be crucial – by dumping unwanted commoner fowls outside their space it becomes much easier than ever before since now there are just 23 spots available instead 15 spots.

Collect All The Duck Parts

There are different duck parts like the head, arm, and tail that you will get on hatching rare eggs. The wings may come in various colors too! You can check all the collected ducks to see what they look like by checking out our handy-dandy dictionary inside of this game called “Dictionary.”

Hold More Ducks Or Hatch More Ducks

Hatching ducks is a tedious task but it’s worth the wait when you see your little flock grow from an egg to maturity. The usual limit per yard is 25 at one time, however, if needed for faster hatching or holding capacity there are in-game purchases that can be made with real-world money so as not to have any gaps between flocks.

This last tip is completely optional and one can skip it if they want to.

If you’ve been following the Clusterduck beginner’s guide, then this is everything.

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Project Makeover: Beginner’s Guide And Tips & Tricks Tips & Tricks

Project Makeover: Beginner’s Guide And Tips & Tricks

Project Makeover is a classic puzzle game where you have to do get clients...

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