How to Improve BGMI Game Performance

There is no doubt that PUBG MOBILE PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has taken the mobile gaming scene by storm. Its popularity and success are definitely a huge factor behind its awesome (and ongoing) development.

However, as popular as this BGMI game is on mobile platforms, it does suffer from some performance issues if you are running certain devices or older versions of Android. But fear not! You can always improve PUBG Mobile’s performance through the following easy methods

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Best Tips To Improve BGMI Game Performance

Tips To Improve BGMI Game Performance

1. Optimizing Your Device Settings

Just like in the PC version of PUBG, you will need to go to Settings>About Phone>System Update and check for the latest version of the game. If you happen to be facing any performance issues in the game, then download some updates and other bug fixes for the game on your device. However, in case your game doesn’t update in a proper way, then you can download the official PUBG Mobile APK file. This is something that you can do on your desktop. Manual Compatibility Fix But what if your phone can’t play PUBG Mobile at all? If you are facing that issue, then you can head to Settings>Developer Options and make sure that you are on the game’s game variant to play the game.

2. Improve Battery Life

As with any new game, we expected to see some battery drain in PUBG Mobile, but the opposite is true. The game consumes less battery when compared to games like Clash Royale. It’s not a secret anymore, if you want your phone to last for more than a day, keep the graphics settings turned down. Here are some tips to improve your gaming experience: Turn off all social features on the game. Make sure the game is installed on a smartphone that you can easily access your contacts and settings. Disable Airplane mode when playing the game. Instead, just make sure your phone is fully charged and put it in a pocket if you are planning on leaving the house. Also, disable Autofire to minimize camera shake, which can be a bit annoying while you are gaming.

3. Optimize Network Connection

If you want to play PUBG Mobile without hogging your bandwidth, ensure that your phone has a good internet connection. After all, you’ll want to be able to play the game without a low ping. If you’re looking to optimize the network performance of the game, make sure that your internet speed is sufficient for PUBG Mobile to load and play. Check Your Gaming Device’s Speed Index The gaming device’s IP has a direct impact on the performance of the game. For example, devices with dual-core processors will struggle with PUBG Mobile’s resource-intensive Battle Royale mode. If you’re unable to get your device’s gaming device’s IP to run at least 20 Mbps, you might want to consider upgrading to a newer and more powerful smartphone.

4. Reduce Background Apps

With more than 2,500 tabs open in Chrome on my Samsung S8+, I can see the difference between running my main activity and simply browsing the web in Chrome. While browsing the web in Chrome, an app like PocketCasts will open up in the background, and most of the background tabs (from Twitter to Pocketbook) will load for a quick read. However, if I fire up my main activity and quickly close out of a tab, the very next Chrome tab I open will be waiting for me, not a single page from Pocketbook, and not even an open website. I have been trying to limit my tabs with something like Simplenote and it really does not make a difference in my experience, but if I use a note-taking app, it does.

5. Update Your Software

The biggest reason why your game might be running at low framerates is that the system settings are not optimized. So it’s always a good idea to perform a system update. Restrict Resolution For Video Playback The resolution of video playback is important because it directly affects the game performance. While on PC you can easily play games at your native resolution while in mobile, the output resolution will be set to mobile’s native resolution (with an 8:9 aspect ratio). Therefore, your mobile device will render the game only at 8:9, but it will not be the default aspect ratio of your phone. To play your games with this aspect ratio you need to change the system settings. Then go to “Settings”, “Display” and “Camera” and set the aspect ratio to “16:9.

6. Keep Your Device Cool

Mobile devices are even more temperamental than computers when it comes to temperatures. Having a device that is excessively warm will slow down the overall performance of the device significantly. If you notice that your device is getting too hot, you should try to limit your usage until it cools down. Install A Text Editor Our little friend, the text editor can make your life much easier in the long run. Using one will enable you to perform a number of quick and easy tweaks that will have a huge impact on the overall performance of your device. Install A Custom Reiser Plug-in The Reiser plug-in is another effective tool that can improve the performance of your device immensely.

7. Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Since a lot of smartphones have 3,600+ pixels, the graphics rendered by the game are quite impressive, which makes the graphics look crisp and smooth. However, do you know that many mobile games have incredible graphic effects turned off by default and users can barely notice it? Unless you have an extremely powerful mobile device, you might want to remove such effects and optimize the experience for your eyes. Improve Game Statistics Perhaps the most important part of the optimization process is to make the game more interactive and report more in-game statistics. A lot of these statistics are similar for every player in every country but some are more engaging than others. If you want to get the most out of the game, it is very useful to look at more detailed statistics.

8. Close Background Apps and Disable Animations Before Entering the Game.

If you are a casual gamer, you should be used to this already, but for those who don’t know how or why it is important, allow me to enlighten you. Most Android devices come with several pre-installed apps that run in the background of your device even when you are not using them. This can consume system resources (like CPU and RAM), which in turn results in poor performance (e.g lag/freeze) during gameplay. As such, it goes without saying that closing all unnecessary apps before running PUBG MOBILE will help improve your gaming experience on the go; but do note that while most of the apps can be closed, it is important that you also disable animations in the Android settings to ensure that your device doesn’t lag when accessing resources. To do this, follow these steps:

Before running PUBG MOBILE on your mobile device, go to the Settings –> System –> Advanced and then choose “Developer Options”.

Find “Windows Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation scale” and “Animator duration scale” and set their values to 0.5x each. (This might vary from one device to another, but a value of 0.5 is usually a good starting point). Now run PUBG MOBILE and enjoy an awesome performance boost!

9. Enable FPS Counter in Developer Options

This performance tweak is for those hardcore gamers who love to keep track of their game’s FPS (frames per second). To activate it, follow these steps:

Go to Settings –> System –> Advanced and then choose “Developer Options”. At the bottom of the screen, you should now see a ‘Draw Frame Rate’ option. Tap on it and set its value to “On”.

Note: This will only work if Developer options are turned on!


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