8 best cricket game for android 2022

8 best cricket game for android 2022

We know that the cricket game is the most favorite and most popular game globally. And with a great cricket android game, you can play cricket wherever you want.

I remember spending my childhood playing cricket on our outdoor cricket field. I also used to read cricket books in my school library. The more I played cricket, the more I learned. I used to enjoy looking at my record of how many runs I had scored and the wickets I had taken.

Cricket Games have been my favorite sport ever since I started playing the game. I started a cricket club in my school, which I was the captain of for a while. I also played cricket for my school. I always enjoyed playing with friends or by myself. This year, I decided to go on my own. I got a digital camera and started taking pictures of our matches. This was the perfect way to learn about the game and improve. But I realized that I wanted to make the game more serious. Here we have shortlisted some of the best mobile cricket games in 2021.

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Best Cricket Games for Android You Should Play in 2021

Real Cricket 19: Best cricket game for android

Real Cricket 19 Best cricket game for android
Real Cricket 19 Best cricket game for android

As the name suggests, this game is one of the best cricket games out there. You can play with lots of cricket teams and in different locations- like Australia, England, and India, to name a few of them. The controls are also simple to use; they do not need any practice, and you will be able to play the game without any difficulty, at least for the first few days.

The thing that makes this game better than Real Cricket 20 and other cricket games is that there are more features and stuff for you to do. For example, you can create your team with many players from different groups on different difficulty levels. You can also upgrade your team so that you can win more games. Best of all, it is free to play, and there are not any hidden charges or anything like that. What’s more? You will get a good cricket game for android.


  • Online and offline 1v1 multiplayer game between online opponents and local opponents Ashes to Ashes Test Tournament
  • One hundred fifty different batting animations and 28 other bowling actions Rain Interruption.
  • D/L MethodHotSpot and Ultra Edge for LBW and Edge enjoy free Blitz Championship!
  • Fight with unusual traps and quick throws to surprise your opponents.
  • Challenging AI opponents to challenge realistic ball physics and react to throws (dead ball, dusty, green)
  • Player attributes players gain extra skills for stable performance.
Cricket Games

Real Cricket 20: Second- best cricket game

CCricket Games

Real cricket 20 is the second-best cricket game for android. The same company also made the first one, called Real Cricket 19. This second version is a much-improved version of the previous title. However, it still does not take the top spot because it has some problems.

Like other cricket games, this one gives you two choices: playing with the cricket team or the football team. Unfortunately, your options are not that good- for example, if you choose the cricket team, you will find out that only one player (Virat Kohli) has a high score, over 150 runs. One of the best things about this game is that it offers two difficulty levels, which is a good thing. If you are a beginner in cricket, then it is best if you set the level too easy; otherwise, you will fail over and over again until your get used to it.


  • English, Hindi, and various other Special commentary packs are available use.
  • Get unique player faces, beautiful jerseys, and numbers on the back!
  • Enjoy a real cricket game, including female commentary and various other packs.
  • 1P vs. 1P Play our classic 1v1 multiplayer mode with your rated and unrated teams.
  • 2P vs. 2P Team up and play with your friends.
  • COOP Team up with your friends and challenge IA.
  • Watch your friend’s game broadcast live in one of the multiplayer modes.
Cricket Games

World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

World cricket championship 2 is the best cricket game. It is a mobile game, so you should expect it to be better than all the games above (you don’t need a computer to play this one). The graphics are very detailed. Best of all, there are lots of features that can keep you busy for hours and hours. The best thing about this game is that it is entirely free to use.

World Cricket Championship 2 is a famous cricket game in the World Cup Series. Out of all the other cricket games, World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most exciting and fun to play. It features tournaments from around the world and a completely online mode.

The game is also straightforward to understand and easy to learn. In the World Cricket Championship 2 game, you will choose three teams to represent your country. You will have to practice in different countries and prepare for the Cricket world cup.


  • Online and offline 1v1 multiplayer games with online and local competitors.
  • Ashes to Ashes test tournament.
  • 150 different shot animations and 28 different bowling moves.
  • Rain, method D/L.
  • LBW HotSpot and Ultra Edge with Edge.
  • Enjoy the Blitz for free!
  • Exciting battlefields, impressive grabs, and fast shots will surprise your opponents.
  • Realistic ball physics that reacts to the playing field (dead, dusty, green).
  • Player characteristics: Players gain extra skills for stable performance.
Cricket Games

Doodle Cricket: Best enjoyable cricket game for android

Doodle Cricket Best enjoyable cricket game for android
Doodle Cricket Best enjoyable cricket game for android

If you are looking for the best and lightweight android cricket games, then doodle cricket is the best enjoyable cricket game for android.

The best thing about this game is that there are no glitches and bugs, which means you will have a good time playing the game without dealing with any unnecessary frustrations. What’s more? You can play the doodle cricket team or play single matches as well.

Doodle Cricket has excellent graphics, and you can view the frames from different dynamic angles. The game and user controls are very suitable for you to play in your spare time without needing a high-memory phone.

And enjoyed recording excellent recordings at the age of 6 and setting a record of advanced artificial intelligence with superior performance and sound effects. If you want to enjoy cricket, this is the game you should play.


  • Simply Tap to Play
  • Dynamic Ambiance
  • Challenging AI opponent
  • Most enjoyable and lightweight Game with Super high Graphics
  • Dynamic camera angles
  • Realistic Physics
Cricket Games

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is yet another best cricket game for Cricket lovers, one of the best android cricket games for cricket lovers. This game will give you an incredible feeling as if you are playing this fantastic game on your PC. Plus, it is free to download. ELECTRONIC ARTS has developed this app; they have tried to create it so that it would feel like you are playing on your PC. The graphics have good quality and are not bad even for regular cricket game lovers.

However, there can be a lot of glitches, but it is easy to play this android cricket game as well. So you need not worry about anything, keep on playing as much as possible. This app also has inbuilt chatrooms, which will let all cricket lovers know about your performance. This app is straightforward to use, and you can even switch from one player to another with just a single click of the button.


  • Legendary mode such as Sachin Tendulkar participated in his legendary cricket match in the same venue and stadium.
  • Compete with real players online or with your friends.
  • Use bonuses to get more points and choose when to start influential games.
  • Lead the league and strengthen your reputation in the Hall of Fame.
  • Participate in classic domestic and international high-octane championships.
Cricket Games

Gully Cricket Game

Gully Cricket Game
Gully Cricket Game

Gully cricket gang is one of the ultimate cricket games to download and play cricket games for android. It is also one of the Best kids cricket games to play online. The main highlights of this Best cricket game for android 2021 are its comic element.

There are some characters in the gully cricket gang. These include various popular as well as some original characters. By playing with these Best cricket games for an android cricket game, you will learn about their differences and similarities.


  • Win over 130 wins in tournaments and ravine ka Raja mode
  • A lot of exciting things need to be aware of
  • Excellent graphics and animation
  • Natural gully cricket settings for the game
  • Swipe to hit the ground or hit the opposite side or side leg of the game
  • Use your best team combination to dominate your opponents and win every game!
  • Complete daily challenges to earn more coins
  • The dynamic bowling system ensures that no two games are the same!
Cricket Games

Stick Cricket Super League

Stick cricket super league is a funny and attractive Best cricket game for android sports games. It is similar to stickman games and is made for kids to play online to observe many events while playing your Best cricket game for android sports games.

The stick cricket game league has various features that make it the Best ipl cricket game for android and the Best kids cricket game to play online, particularly the ability to make the best cricket game for android’s own teams. If you want the Best ipl cricket game for android Stick Cricket Super League is for you.


  • Choose from more than 70 teams in the Stick Cricket Super League.
  • View your Game and season statistics progress.
  • Build your team with the the actual firepower of a cricket star.
  • Create and customize your Characters.
  • Smash six people in a typical stick cricket style and set off fireworks in the stadium.
  • Sign a seasonal contract with the best cricket player in the world.
Cricket Games

World Cricket Championship 3

The game has excellent controls, which are straightforward to learn. The rules include all basic cricket actions like running, bowling, hitting, etc. While playing the game, one can also select the teams, making this feature excellent.

The game’s graphics are high quality, offering real-like images. You can play this on your android phone and tablet. You can also use it online. It has got unique features and delivers excellent gameplay.

The game is available in both single-mode and multiplayer modes. You can test your skills here against a strong internet opponent. Its graphics are also great, compatible with multiple Android devices.

You can use a wide range of controls while playing the game. The players will find this game exciting on their mobiles or desktop computers. The best part about this game is that you can create your batsman and bowlers in it.


  • Customize your game style with multiple cameras and control options.
  • Manage the player’s stamina and focus.
  • Climb and conquer the brand new super-competitive leaderboard to get more significant rewards.
  • Win exciting drops and loot in various rare, epic, and legendary packages!
  • Create dedicated thugs to work hard or stabilize feed, destructive pacemakers or spinners, lightning strikes.
Cricket Games

Why is cricket becoming unpopular?

The game requires too much dedication. If you are thinking about joining the game, you must know the rules, read and write them, have no confidence in your hand-eye coordination and other minor details that are enough for a sport to be considered fun by most people. You also need to have a strong will to do a fool if you will follow it.

However, most people nowadays want to have fun, so they don’t want to make an effort to do sports. If that’s you, you’ll need to play a simple game or watch a simple video to gain an understanding of cricket. But, many people also think that the sport is “too boring.” This is the reason why it is getting less popular over the years.

Cricket could be the world’s most exciting and engaging sport if the game were accessible to a broader audience. Here’s our list of the ten best cricket games for Android! These games are free to download and play, and they are pretty easy to play. All of the games we’ve featured here are designed to be played on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

When we talk about cricket games for Android, we’re referring to multiplayer games. You can play a cricket game with your friends in real life. The mobile versions of cricket games have added multiplayer features for those who can’t easily play cricket games with friends. We’ve tried the multiplayer features of every game that we featured. They are well designed and offer a good, enjoyable experience.

Summary: Best Cricket Games For Android 2021

As the year progresses, we are sure that you are reading this article for a reason. You want to know which cricket games are the best in the world and what new ones are on the horizon. There are hundreds of cricket games available on the Play Store. Here we have recommended some other best cricket games available for free. Most of the games listed here are ones that you can play in HD, and we hope you get your favorite cricket game.